Neurobim-1500 Injection
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Neurobim-1500 Injection – Methylcobalamin – 1500 mcg

Biotic Healthcare offers Neurobim injection that contains Methylcobalamin (water based Vitamin B12) – 1500 mcg. This injection is responsible for the growth of healthy blood cells, nerve cells, and proteins in the human body. It is mainly used to treat patients who can’t absorb vitamin B12.

Methylcobalamin comes under coenzymes forms of B12 and having some metabolic & therapeutic applications. It is bio-available – means it is immediately all set for the human body to utilize once injected. It promotes an effective action against B12 deficiencies generally observed in patients having diseases or other nutritional deficits like VLCDs (Very Low-Calorie Diets).

Neurobim injection is very easy to inject and to store Methylcobalamin in the body. As Methylcobalamin is water soluble, so it can be taken in high dosage with no risk. However, the recommended dose of this Neurobim injection is 1ml of methylcobalamin once per week. It can also be taken on other additional days in between weekly dosage when you experience there is a health benefit or you just need more repeated injections to treat your chronic health condition.