Biotic Healthcare became one of the fastest growing companies with 100+ products in the market. Quality and best client service became the prime goal of our organisation.


Biotic Healthcare became ISO 9001- 2015 certified company having 150+ products of general range to offer in the market.


Biotic Healthcare added skincare range to its kitty and launched about 40 dermacare products. Alongside, the company added another general products company with the fastest growing 100+ products on the self to offer.


Biotic Healthcare ventured into an exclusive skincare range and launched a complete derma division with around 70+ derma products in the market.


Biotic Healthcare grown upto 400+ products with multiple companies in its groups to serve the healthcare domain. Added an exclusive Gyne division to its kitty to serve the Gynaecology speciality.


Today Biotic Healthcare is considered to be one of the most trusted and loyal brands in all it’s domain with 500+ products and four speciality divisions. The company also launched a complete range of hand sanitizers amid Covid in various shapes and sizes.


In early 2021 the company shifted to its new corporate office and currently we occupy the largest office space in our segment. We aim to be one of the most liked and ethical franchise companies across the nation. We offer high quality products with a dual layer of product testing protocol for our partners. Get in touch with us to know more about it in detail.