Ofalox Tablets
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Ofalox Tablets

Ofloxacin Tablets IP 200 mg.

We at Biotic Healthcare offer Ofalox tablets and each tablet contains 200 mg of Ofloxacin. Ofalox tablets are also labeled as I.P. which means it is a prescribed standard of the drug approved by the authority of Indian Pharmacopeia.

Ofloxacin comes under a group of medications known as fluoroquinolone antibiotic which effectively works against certain kinds of bacterial infections such as ear infections and urinary tract infections. This synthetic antibiotic effectively fight against such infections by inhibiting the multiplication of bacteria (by means of inhibiting the reproduction & restoration of their genetic material (DNA)).  This ingredient can also be used for the treatment of pelvic inflammatory disease (PID).

Ofalox is helpful in killing sensitive bacteria by inhibiting the multiplications of essential proteins required by the bacteria to survive. Take the dosage of Ofloxacin as prescribed by your physician. These tablets are taken-by-mouth with or without food. We recommend you to take Ofalox tablet with a full glass of water. Also, it is not recommended to consume dairy products, didanosine, antacids, sucralfate, or even vitamins within 2 hours prior/ after taking Ofalox medicine. This medication works best if it is taken at the same regular dosing schedule.