Atic-O Softgel Capsules- Daily Health Supplement
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Natural Vitamin E, Omega 3 Fatty Acid & Wheat Germ Oil Softgel Capsules

Biotic Healthcare offers Atic-O softgel capsules, which contain certain ingredients like Natural Vitamin E, Omega 3 Fatty Acid & Wheat Germ Oil that helps all the systems of your body to perform or function well, including brain, skin, organs, respiratory system and circulatory system.

Vitamin E is one of the best antioxidant, which plays a great role as a protector. As, it protects you and your skin from pollution, ultraviolet rays, and other elements that can cause by free radicals. Plus, it helps your skin look fresh and young by decreasing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Omega 3 Fatty Acid is a crucial fatty acid, which plays a vital role in brain function and helps to fight against cardiovascular disease.

Wheat Germ Oil helps in boosting the immune system, skin blood circulation, cell regeneration, in short, improves the overall function of your health. It is quite effective for dry skin and heals the damaged cells, which caused by the red-hot sun. Wheat Germ Oil also helps dermatitis and scarring conditions.

Storage condition

Atic-O Softgel Capsules should be stored at room temperature, in a cool dry place.