Moxie Energy Drink
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Moxie Energy Drink: Combination of Dextrose, Minerals, Vitamin C and D3

Biotic Healthcare offers moxie energy drink, which is the combination of dextrose, minerals, vitamin C & D3 ingredients. This energy drink is quite useful to increase the immunity and protects the body from various severe diseases.

Moxie is generally prepared by the number of dietary compounds and intermediates that make adequate growth and development in the human body. Dextrose is a sterile ingredient with is mainly injected intravenously (IV, into the vein), and vitamins C plays a vital role in supporting immune system or neutralizing free radicals in the body cells, while vitamin D3 works best in supporting bone health or normal antibody development by the immune system.

The Ultimate Features of Moxie Energy Drink are:

Helpful and beneficial for all age groups A good source of fast and instant energy Highly Effective

Storage condition

Store this energy drink in a cool, dry place or you can place it at room temperature.