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Lyoxy Syrup – A Health Supplement Enriched with Lycopene, Multivitamin, Multimineral & Antioxidants

We at Biotic Healthcare offer Lyoxy syrup that contains lycopene, multivitamin, multi-mineral & antioxidants. This syrup is a complete health supplement and mainly recommended to vitamin-deficient patients who need supplementary vitamins, or who are not healthy, or those who are not able to consume sufficient food amount to obtain the essential vitamins, etc.

Lycopene is a natural fat-soluble red pigment, generally found in tomatoes, watermelon, pink grapefruits, pink guavas, etc. It mainly works against heart diseases, hardened arteries, and even cancer of breast, bladder, lungs, ovaries, and pancreas. It is also beneficial in curing human papillomavirus (HPV) infection which is responsible for uterine cancer.

Lycopene ingredient with multivitamin & multi-minerals is an antioxidants booster dosage. It inhibits free radical chain reaction to damage your DNA & other cell structures in the body. This combination of health supplements is also effective in slowing down the aging process & protect your body cells from damage.