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Hydroxyzine Tablets IP 25 mg - The medication is generally used to treat skin allergies and conditions with itching and inflammation. The tablets also help to treat and control anxiety caused by any nervous and emotional conditions. The medicine is highly recommended by doctors to treat allergic skin reactions. Hydroxyzine Tablets IP 25 mg can also be used as a sedative to help produce sleep before any surgery. The medication can be used alone or along with other medicines to provide relief from short-term anxiety and tension in adults and children. The tablets also provide relief from allergic symptoms such as rash, swelling, or itching.

How do Hydroxyzine Tablets work?

The medication consists of Hydroxyzine in it, which is known as an antihistaminic medication. In case of allergies, this medicine helps in blocking the activities of a certain chemical messenger known as histamine. This process leads to relieving the symptoms of allergic reactions such as swelling, itchiness, or rash. On the other hand, in the case of short-term anxiety, this medicine works on reducing the activities in the central nervous system. Therefore, leads to helping you feel relaxed or fall asleep. The antihistaminic medication is also helpful to treat allergic reactions such as hives or contact dermatitis.

Uses of Hydroxyzine Tablets IP 25 mg

•    The tables are used to treat skin allergic conditions and reactions with itching and inflammation.
•    Hydroxyzine medicine can also treat short-term anxiety and tension due to any nervous and emotional conditions.
•    The medication can work together with other medicine as a sedative to help produce sleep before any surgery.
•    It is also used along with other medication to be given to patients after or during general anesthesia.
•    The medication is also helpful to treat allergic skin reactions such as hives or contact dermatitis.

Side Effects of Hydroxyzine Medicine 

Consumption of Hydroxyzine Tablets may lead to some side effects. The side effects are very rare to appear in this case scenario. However, do reach out for medical advice if you experience them. 

Some of the side effects that may occur after consuming Hydroxyzine Tablets IP 25 mg may include:

1.    Constipation
2.    Sedation
3.    Upset Stomach
4.    Any allergic reaction
5.    Dry mouth
6.    Pounding heartbeats
7.    Severe dizziness
8.    Headache
9.    Skin rash

Points to Remember for Hydroxyzine Tablets

Some of the important points to remember and precautions to keep in mind while consuming Hydroxyzine medicine to rule out any after-effects of the medicine are:

•    Avoid the consumption of alcohol or any beverages containing it as it may cause excessive drowsiness and sleepiness.
•    Inform your doctor prior to taking the medicine if you ever had or have any heart diseases. As taking the medicine may affect your disease and increases the risk of heart problems.
•    Consumption of Hydroxyzine tablets may affect your alertness. So, drive with caution after taking the medicine.
•    Inform the doctor if you have a medical history of liver and kidney problems, before using the medication. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1.    Is Hydroxyzine Tablets IP 25mg safe to take?

Yes, the tablets are safe for consumption purposes unless you are not allergic to them. Take the dosage of the medication as prescribed by the doctor and only for the suggested amount of period. And let your doctor know if any side effects of the medicine bother you. 

2.    What if you miss the dose of Hydroxyzine Tablets IP 25mg?

In case you forgot to take your dose of Hydroxyzine medicine, take it the minute you remember. However, avoid takin0067 the skipped dose if it’s already time for your next medicine. Do not overlap your dosage of the medicine by taking two doses at the same time.