BioLizer Syrup
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BioLizer Syrup - Herbal Systemic Alkalizer

Biotic Healthcare offers Biolizer syrup, consisting of herbal systemic alkalizer. This Bilozer syrup is effective in removing kidney stones and improving renal functions.

Bilozer syrup contains a powerful & effective ingredient, i.e. herbal systemic Alkalizer, which acts as a powerful stone inhibitor and 100% safe for health. This alkalizer helps in preventing the buildup, depiction & super fullness of stone-forming substances or renal calculus. Though, there are truly no quick warning indications of kidney stones or renal problems. Pain on urinating, or lower abdominal pain or lower back pain, and/or blood in urine - are some of the earliest symptoms related to the kidney stone or renal disorders. Other indications may take in – pain or burning sensation during urination or the need to urinate repetitively in a day, because of infection.

A patient can consume 1-2 teaspoonful of Biolizer syrup 2-3 (maximum) times in a day or as directed by your doctor. We at Biotic Healthcare also recommend you to consume a lot of water throughout a day with the dosage of our Biolizer syrup. Shake the syrup bottle well before usage.

If the kidney stone is larger in size and very painful, it is advisable to consult with your physician. Take a balanced & healthy meal, drink a lot of water, and exercise daily to keep not only renal problems or kidney stones but most infection situations at bay.