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BioLizer Capsules- Herbal Systemic Alkalizer

Biotic Healthcare provides Biolizer capsules which contain herbal systemic Alkalizer. These capsules are effective at treating kidney or renal conditions. It works as a calculus dissolver for dissolving kidney stones and improving renal functions.

The capsules contain herbal systemic Alkalizer which acts as a powerful stone inhibitor. However, there are actually no quick warning signs or symptoms of kidney stones or renal problems. Pain on urinating, or lower abdominal pain or lower back pain, and/or blood in urine - are some of the earliest symptom related to the kidney stone or renal disorders. Other indications may take in – pain or burning sensation with urination or the need to urinate repeatedly in a day, due to infection.

On the other hand, the treatment of kidney stone or renal disorders often depends on the kind and dimensions of the stones existing. Small-sized stones may pass usually with time – while this kidney stone passing can be painful. Large-sized kidney stones may necessitate medications to dissolve accumulated calculus. This is where BioLizer Capsules can help you to dissolve kidney stones & improve your renal functionality.