D - Liver Herbal Syrup
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D-Liver Herbal Syrup - Hepato-Protective and Hepato-Stimulant

Biotic Healthcare offers D-Liver syrup which contains a combination of ingredients Hepato-protective & Hepato-stimulant. This herbal syrup is very effective in correcting & restoring liver functions. It works effectively against almost all kinds of liver toxins and also provides protection to the liver of people consuming alcohol.

Hepato-protective & Hepato-stimulant help to normalize liver functions such as Metabolic Products Detoxification, Blood Coagulation, SGPT Levels, Hepato-toxins, Prothrombin and Albumin-globulin ratio etc. Not only has this, D-Liver herbal syrup also regulates the impaired function of the liver and the associated manifestations.

Benefits of D-Liver Herbal Syrup:

Rectifies & Protects the Liver Cell Works as an appetite enhancer Improves digestion Helps to treat constipation Encourages growth of liver cell

So, you can provide your liver with all-around natural & herbal protection with no side-effect with our effective D-liver tonic. This perfect remedy is just what your liver requires!