Zymtic Syrup
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Zymtic - Fungal Diastase With Pepsin Syrup

Biotic Health care offers Zymtic syrup that is a combination of fungal diastase with Pepsin. It is mainly used to prevent digestive disturbance and debilitated production of stomach acid. This syrup will assist your body in the digestion of carbohydrate and strengthened the diet into simple sugar and polysaccharides.  The combination of Zymtic act as an energy booster, it will improve your immune system.

Fungal diastase is a starch enzyme that is basically used for effective digestive aid. Pepsin is a digestive protease stimulant whose zymogen (pepsinogen) is freed by the gastric chief cells in the stomach and that humiliates protein into peptides & Amino acids. The combination of both such as amylolytic (diastase) and proteolytic (pepsin) are utilized to increases appetite.

Nausea, skin rashes and acute toxicity are the side effects of Zymtic syrup. So never take until it is recommended by the professional physician. Make sure store this syrup in a cool, dry, dark place at the room temperature (25°C). This 200ml bottle should be shaken well before use. However, these are strong instructions that should be strictly followed.