FemiSip Uterine Tonic
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Femisip Syrup – An Ayurvedic Uterine Tonic for Females

Femisip Syrup is an ayurvedic proprietary medicine available in the syrup form at Biotic Healthcare. It is a complete tonic for women assisting them in reducing uterine disorders.

Femisip tonic is specially formulated to promote females’ general health. It helps in regulating the menstrual cycle, controlling heavy bleeding, treating uterine dysfunction, amoenorrhea, anovulation, female infertility, getting relief from the tension or anxiety in depressed womanhood and pre-menstrual syndrome, etc.

Each 5 ml. of this Femisip syrup contains extracts of – daruhaldi, chirayta, kababchini, vacha, nagkesar, dalchini, marich, guduchi, anantmool, vidang, devdar, jatamansi, bala, aam, bargad, khadir, sonth, bhringraj, zirak, harad, lodh, amla, ashwagandha, kamal, bhera, jamun, nagarmotha, satavari, dashmool and ashok.

This ayurvedic syrup is processed by using fresh & healthy herbs under the most hygiene environment & under the supervision of our skilled professionals. Take benefits of this great uterine tonic and provide a nutritional support to the uterus. As Femisip is purely herbal, it doesn’t have any side-effect and you can even use it during your menstrual cycle.