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Etoricoxib 90mg Tablets – Etoricoxib acts as a “pain reliever” that works by relieving pain and inflammation in conditions of ankylosing spondylitis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout osteoarthritis, etc. These tablets perform amazingly to provide relief from the pain and swelling in the joints and muscles. Aside from that, it is also used to alleviate moderate pain that occurs after dental surgery. Available with the brand name BioCib-90, these tablets are manufactured and supplied by the Best Etoricoxib Tablets IP 90mg Manufacturer, Biotic Healthcare.

Working Mechanism

Etoricoxib belongs to a certain group of Non-Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) called Cox-2 inhibitors. It functions by inhibiting the release of a chemical messenger produced by COX-2 called Prostaglandin, which is in charge of causing pain, swelling, and inflammation. It precisely targets the pain region in the affected area.

General Precautions

For the best effects, Etoricoxib Tablets IP 90mg should be taken as per the dose and directions of the doctor. Follow the tips mentioned below and get the best out of this medicine:

  1. While taking Etoricoxib 90mg Tablets, keep a close eye on your blood pressure, especially in the first two weeks of treatment.
  2. Avoid consuming alcoholic beverages while taking this medication as it may induce extreme sleepiness.
  3. Etoricoxib Tablets IP 90mg could make you feel worn out or woozy. Do not drive or perform any other task that asks for extreme concentration until you have determined how it affects you.
  4. Do not take these tablets if you are allergic to Etoricoxib or any other NSAIDs, without first consulting the doctor.
  5. Avoid taking Etoricoxib 90mg Tablets if you are receiving treatment for infection as it can mask fever.

Things to Inform Doctor

People with the below-mentioned health diseases or conditions should not consume Etoricoxib 90mg Tablets without consulting the doctor.

  1. People who have ulcers or bleeding in the stomach.
  2. People with severe kidney or liver impairment.
  3. People with uncontrolled blood pressure.
  4. People who have colitis; an inflammatory bowel disease caused in the digestive tract.
  5. People with heart problems like chest pain, heart attack, or stroke.
  6. People who have edema; a swelling caused due to fluid retention.
  7. People with high cholesterol and diabetes.

Common Side Effects

The overdosage or misusage of Etoricoxib 90mg Tablets may result in certain common side effects that can range from mild to moderate. These side effects generally disappear after some time as the user’s body gets used to the medicine. Here are the side effects associated with this medicine:

  1. Headache
  2. Dizziness
  3. Palpitations
  4. Stomach Inflammation
  5. Nausea/Vomiting
  6. Abdominal Pain

If these side effects begin to turn from moderate to severe, the user must notify the doctor straight away.


  1. Can Etoricoxib Tablets IP 90mg be taken during pregnancy?

As Etoricoxib is a Category C medicine, it can exhibit harmful effects on the fetus if taken during pregnancy. Thus, if you are pregnant, take this medicine only if the doctor asks you to do so.

  1. How long does Etoricoxib Tablets IP 90mg take to relieve pain?

Pain Relief can be noticed after using Etoricoxib Tablets IP 90mg for around 4 hours. The duration and individuality of the full effect are subject to change.b