Pepzine Suspension
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Pepzine Suspension – A Powerful Combination of Antacid & Anti-flatulent

Biotic Healthcare offers Pepzine suspension which is a powerful antacid & anti-flatulent. This suspension helps in treating the symptoms of too much stomach acidity like upset stomach, uncomplicated stomach ache, heartburn, indigestion and acid reflux. This medication is also beneficial in getting relief from extra gas accumulation like bloating, belching, stomach discomfort, stomach pressure, etc.

Antacid helps in controlling stomach acidity by neutralizing gastric acid or inhibiting the discharge of acid. The antiflatulent agent comes under a class of medication which is used to alleviate or inhibit the unnecessary intestinal gas (also referred as flatulence).

Pepzine suspension is a liquid form of antacid & anti-flatulent which works more effectively than tablets or capsules. This medication is generally taken after meals or even during bedtime as required. Since Pepzine suspension comes in a liquid form, so we recommend shaking the bottle well before taking each dosage. However, if you have any doubt about the dosage or other information about Pepzine suspension, you can consult your pharmacist or physician.

Storage Conditions:

Don’t freeze Pepzine suspension. This liquid form performs best if taken deprived of other fluids. However, you can mix the dosage of this liquid suspension with a little water as needed.