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IRON TONIC - An Ayurvedic Product Enriched with Natural Oil, Calcium and Vitamin

Biotic Healthcare offers an Iron tonic which is purely an Ayurvedic product and contains natural iron, calcium, and vitamins. The tonic is made up of natural herbs existing in nature. It is effective in developing and maintaining healthy blood, lessening fatigue and supporting immune system defense. It mainly works by increasing hemoglobin counts and Red Blood Cell (RBC) production. Moreover, it also provides calcium and vitamins to the body.

Iron helps human body in transporting oxygen, boosting energy level and aiding muscle strength. Iron deficiency results in depression and fatigue. However, calcium is responsible for making strong bones, teeth, and healthy blood vessels. Vitamin deficiency also leads to severe health disorders like obesity, organ malfunction, depression, and fatigue. Iron, vitamins and calcium deficiency appears more commonly in women compared to men.

This Iron tonic fetches the inherent power residing in the natural herbs and brings it you for your good health. This pure Ayurvedic iron tonic is natural and 100% safe for the human body. Since this tonic is made up of natural herbs, it is easy to digest, absorb and assimilate this Iron tonic compared to other synthetic-made iron supplements.