Tips to Pick an Adequate Name for Your New Pharma Business

December 13 , 2018

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Tips to Pick an Adequate Name for Your New Pharma Business

Choosing an adequate company name is one of the most prominent steps in the incorporation process. We believe that business name has a tremendous impact on how your customers view you or your company. If you go with a wrong selection of proposed name or duplicate name, then it will cost you too high.

So here we present a blog for those people who are about to start their own new firm. Below we have mentioned some good examples that will guide you how to choose a good and unique name for your new business.

Consider the following points carefully:

Name Part

Daily used words or common words are an ideal way to engage your potential customers to your business. Make sure that your brand name has some sticky characters which reflect the identity as well as the field of your business.

Another important thing you need to consider is: Your brand name should have minimum 3 and maximum 8 characters in the first word; Pick a word that is easy to remember and easy to pronounce; Silent characters should not be included; Name should justify category and technique, etc.

Object part

The addition of LLP name in a brand name reflects the nature of your business. However, try to consider relevant object part like Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing, medicals, etc. in your proposed name.

If you select the name without any object or vague object, then you will definitely lose the brand credibility in your industry.

Check the Availability of Name Online

It goes without saying that a company should be unique. But how to ensure that your selected name is unique or not? You can compare or check the existing company name on the following link, it will help you pick up the new and unique name for your new business.

Click, for checking the trademarks in existence.

Click for checking the Availability of MCA Name online.

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