The Ultimate Vitamin Guide for Pregnant Women

December 13 , 2018

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The Ultimate Vitamin Guide for Pregnant Women

Welcoming a baby into the world can be a joyous occasion for you and your family. Preparing for the arrival of a baby takes huge detail and planning. Alike baby’s arrival, preparing your body for the nurturing also takes vast planning and detail for your little one’s good health. One of the first thing expectant mothers should keep in mind that Baby's nourishment is always dependent on his/her mother. Therefore, it is important for pregnant women to meet the nutritional needs during pregnancy to ensure that the baby in the womb grows properly and healthy.

It goes without saying that eating a healthy diet is the perfect way to get the essential minerals and vitamins in the body. But during pregnancy, a balanced diet is not sufficient until she includes prenatal vitamins in her diet. Yes, prenatal vitamins are something that every medical professional recommends to the expectant mothers to make sure that her baby receives the utmost care and nutrients he/she deserves while in the womb.

Now let’s take a deep look at this guide, as we’ve gathered a valuable information for pregnant women. This ultimate guide will help you take a wise decision while shopping for prenatal vitamins.

The first thing you need to clear the difference between regular and prenatal vitamins

Regular multivitamins are usually manufactured for the non-pregnant women and prenatal vitamins, especially designed for pregnant women. So, it is necessary for you whenever you pick up any prenatal vitamin, it should contain iron, folic acid, calcium and zinc sulphate salts. These four minerals and vitamins are always recommended by doctors to an expectant mother to get the key vitamins that she might be missing in her diet. Now find out why these ingredients are powerful for you and your baby’s good health:

Folic Acid: This salt is mainly used to support the metabolic activities of the human body. That’s why it is highly recommended to pregnant women to have an adequate amount of folic acid in her body, as it helps to prevent major birth defects in her baby`s spine or brain.

Zinc Sulphate: This salt primarily plays a key role in the development of the Fetus and Embryo. Zinc works best for the prevention of pre-term delivery and maintaining immunity in both mother and baby. Zinc sulphate helps your baby to born with accurate weight balance.

Iron: No doubt that iron is necessary for everyone, but even more so for expectant mothers. Experts recommend that a minimum of 27mg per day of iron is a must for pregnant women. So make sure not to overdo it without consulting your doctors.

Ferrous Ascorbate: This is an iron supplement that is mainly used to prevent or treat low blood levels of iron during pregnancy. Ferrous Ascorbate maintains iron in the highly soluble ferrous form and prevents oxidation.

Therefore, these are the essential salts you should consider while shopping for the prenatal vitamins in the market. Also, you can view our wide range of pharmaceutical products that include tablets like Ticfe Tablet. These tablets contain all the aforementioned ingredients such Ferrous Ascorbate, Folic Acid & Zinc Sulphate that any pregnant women need.

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