The First Dengue Vaccine Received Market Approval in 11 Countries

December 14 , 2018

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The First Dengue Vaccine Received Market Approval in 11 Countries

Now the world’s most life-threatening or deadly disease, Dengue can be treated with a vaccine which is known as “Dengvaxia”. Fortunately, this vaccine has been approved by the Health Sciences Authority, on Tuesday and approximately 11 countries, including Mexico, the Philippines, Brazil, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Paraguay, Guatemala, Peru, Indonesia, Thailand, and Singapore has received the marketing approval.

“The French drugmaker, Sanofi company is now focusing on the vulnerable nations before bringing Dengvaxia into more developed regions, with an aim of getting the particular product in nearly 30 countries from Malaysia to Colombia, said by the Vice President of Dengue at Sanofi’s vaccines unit, Guillaume Leroy.

He also added that “Sanofi may introduce the Dengvaxia vaccine next in Indonesia and Costa Rica, following launches in Brazil, the Philippines, Mexico and El Salvador.”

It is expected that the vaccine for a severe disease will get a hike in sales nearly $840 million by 2020 and 1$ billion by 2015. Though this year Dengvaxia won’t meet its target due to political and economic volatility in Latin America said by the Paris-based company in July.

The major clinical study shows that individuals between the age groups of 2-to-16, Dengvaxia vaccine is effective in decreasing dengue disease by 60%, and acute dengue illness by 84%. To know more about Dengvaxia vaccine, click here,

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