Sexual Transmission of Zika More Common Than First Thought - UN Says

December 13 , 2018

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Sexual Transmission of Zika More Common Than First Thought - UN Says

A couple of months ago, we’ve shared about the Zika virus – an emerging health threat. Today, we would like to discuss again that virus as it is still impacting human life rapidly in the area of Gulf Coast states such as Florida, Louisiana, and Texas. Previously, the World Health Organization(WHO) stated that Zika virus emerged health threat from mosquito bites which caused skin rashes, joint pain, conjunctivitis for 2-7 days and many other serious health issues. It is also predicted that this specific virus had to emerge a severe birth defect microcephaly.

However, the threat is still there and even growing more rapidly in the surrounding areas of US. But, now according to World Health Organization (WHO), the transmission of Zika virus has been occurring through sex than the thought shared previously. It has highlighted that the major risk of Zika has been shown in pregnant women due to her male partner and the symptoms of Zika infection is also detected in men. So, the World Health Organization(WHO) recommended couples, who are planning to become parents, should wait at least for 8 weeks to make sure the sign of specific virus has cleared from their bodies.

The current outbreak of Zika is connected with microcephaly, which results in babies born with unusual and potentially debilitating heads and brain damage, and an unexpected paralyzing condition which is known as Guillain-Barre syndrome.

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