Long Working Hours Appears to be Costly for Indian Professionals Health

December 13 , 2018

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Long Working Hours Appears to be Costly for Indian Professionals Health According to Max Bupa Walk for Health Survey 2016, 38% of Indian professionals devote time sitting due to long working hours excepting 20% professionals who spend a time in walking. This survey was carried out among 13, 00 citizens from 4 different cities of India. These cities encompass the name Mumbai, Pune, Delhi & Jaipur. The housewives, working professionals, students and senior citizens are the citizens who participated in this health survey. Long office hours are found as the only major barrier which stop Indian professionals from walking such as long office hours impede Delhi  employees by 27% and Mumbai  employees by 25% employees, Pune employees by 21% and Jaipur employees by 13%. Ashish Mehrotra, MD & CEO of Max Bupa Health Insurance states it as: "Max Bupa Walk for Health Survey 2016 has revealed an alarming reality, that most of the working population in India spends 40% of its time in a day sitting. This tendency can have devastating aftermath on the health of the nation. A simple yet effective way to improve one's health is a 30-minute daily walk. Through Max Bupa Walk for Health, we want to urge Indians to take a first step towards better health by walking more regularly and actively avert the growing incidence of critical and lifestyle diseases." Long working hours encourage an inactive lifestyle which further contributes to blood pressure problems, back related troubles, weak eyesight, obesity and overall weakness of the human body. On the other hand, 78% of the respondents agreed on a common term that walking can facilitate avoiding lifestyle diseases. According to Anika Agarwal, the vice president and head marketing at Max Bupa Health Insurance, "The survey shows that 68% have acknowledged the role of walking in controlling weight and 60% of walkers experienced improved lung health due to walking. 35% of the respondents feel walking makes them happier and helps reduce stress. Max Bupa Walk for Health, therefore, encourages people to take up walking for a healthier and more a more successful life.” Source: http://www.medindia.net/news/taking-a-stroll-seems-to-be-costly-for-professionals-in-india-157763-1.htm http://www.mid-day.com/articles/38-working-professionals-in-india-spend-time-sitting-study/16953177
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