How Herbal Therapies are Taking-Over Allopathic Practices?

December 13 , 2018

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How Herbal Therapies are Taking-Over Allopathic Practices? In spite of the rapid advances in modern science, technology as well as allopathic medicine, the quality of health cannot be discovered. Gradually, with more advancement in the technology, the traditional herbal therapies are taking over the allopathic practices. Herbal medicine is still being considered as the major healthcare provider generally in the underlying or developing countries. In the country like India, the herbal therapies are preferred much over allopathic. The Indian traditional herbal plants are considered as the important source of their drug. The people have been using the herbal medicine for the treatment, control as well as management of the various ailments of diseases from a long time ago. Even one can collect archaeological evidence to support that the ancient man used plants as well as herbs for medicinal purposes. There is so much of historical evidence such as the pollen analyses of numbers of plants have been discovered in the grave of Neanderthal man who is buried 60,000 years ago in Iraq, which indicates that the plants buried with the corpse were all of the medicinal advantages. There is also another instance, which says that the medicinal herbs found in the personal belongings of the “Ice Man” which has the frozen body in the Swiss Alps for around 5300 years ago basically assumed to get used to treating the parasites discovered in his intestine. There are also sources found which say about the historical evidence of man’s use of plants for medicinal purposes. For instance, the Sumerian clay tablet, say dated about 5000 years ago, has a record and describe the medicinal use of plants such as laurel, caraway as well as thyme. These plants are still used for the medicinal purposes all over the world. The Ebers papyrus which is written 3500 years ago points that the ancient Egyptians made the use of plants such as mandrake for pain relief as well as garlic for the treatment of heart and circulatory disorders. It is also believed that ancient China is also a source of information for the early use of medicinal plants. But if we talk about India, the herbal medicine is very popular as it is being described in the Rig Veda which is a collection of Hindu sacred verses and contains most aspects of Vedic science such as yoga, meditation, mantra as well as Ayurveda. Not earlier only, this is also been practiced even today. There are also so many research efforts on herbal medicine. The uses of drugs as well as dietary supplements are also in any form, derived from the plants which are accelerated in recent years. Pharmacologist, Microbiologist, Biochemist, Botanist, as well as natural product chemists, are also investigating the medicinal plants for phytochemicals along with the lead compounds which could be developed for the treatment of the several other ailments. So, what we can conclude here is that even we have developed the technology so far, but the modern allopathic practice cannot ever take over the herbal therapies. Biotic Healthcare also introduces a complete range of Herbal Products which contains Liver tonic, Utrine Tonic, Pain Relief Oil, Cough Syrup and many more for the upcoming winter season. Call 8727992700 or, +91-8727992500, 0172-4052828.
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