Happy 70th Independence Day- Team Biotic Healthcare

December 12 , 2018

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Happy 70th Independence Day- Team Biotic Healthcare

The 15th of August is here again….

August 15th is the national day of India. The day of August 15, 1947, is the day when Indian attained independence from the British Empire.  On this day, we commemorate the Independence of the India.

On this auspicious occasion of our 70th Independence Day, Biotic healthcare wishes a very happy Independence Day to all Indian around the world. The entire team of Biotic Healthcare conveys their special greetings to all members of Indian armed forces, internal security forces & paramilitary forces.

Let’s consider this day as a chance to reflect on our everyday lives and carve a unique personality for ourselves by embracing the Indianness in all of ourselves. Let’s pay a great homage to the martyrs and salute the courage, heroism & sacrifices of our great heroes who ignored the risks to their own lives for us.

Wishing you all a happy, festive, and totally awesome August 15th, 2016.


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