Derma Care - A necessity in today's life

December 13 , 2018

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Derma Care - A necessity in today's life Skin is the single largest organ of our body so requires utmost care! Winter season is considered to be a healthy season but for Skin, it is not so healthy. You will get to know how in this article how to take care of skin in today’s lifestyle. When biting weather condition will remind you of Christmas season every day, following are the tips and tricks for skin care. Dry Skin Dry skin condition is a very common condition during the winter season. Because of low humidity levels, our skin gets dehydrated very easily in the winter season. Which results to further other skin related issues if skin left untreated. Well, people carry a misconception that dry skin needs oil but it’s not always true. Dry skin is actually thirsty and it needs water but the issue remains as to how do we keep the water stay on our skin. For which, we need PH balanced skin moisturizing creams or lotions. These agents help skin to trap the required water within the upper layer of the skin. Therefore it’s recommended to keep the skin moist with a balanced moisturising agent. UV Damage Contrary to what many people believe that UV rays do any damage to our skin during the winter season, the answer is Yes! The strength of UVA rays is same or even sometimes more during this season. These rays have a comparatively longer wavelength that are able to reach us whatever the weather condition is. We are always advised by the Dermatologist to use high-end screen lotionsduring winter sun exposure. Any sunscreen with UVA and UVB blocker having SPF 30+ is good enough for Indian skin type. Dandruff and Flaky Skin When our skin gets some excessive layers of clothes it intends to develop fungus in various parts of the skin. The most affected area is our scalp which develops a lot of dandruff and flaky skin within. During winters we are more prone to this condition due to lack of our personal hygiene. Dandruff if not treated or managed on time can lead to various other critical conditions like scalp psoriasis. We should keep our hair clean and use an anti-dandruff shampoo for cleansing at least twice a week. Once that’s done we should fill our scalp with mineral oil at least once a week to help it treat the scalp skin. Skin eczema When our skin gets irritated and also develops some local inflammation it is called eczema. There are various types of eczema but the most common condition is called Atopic dermatitis. No matter which part of the body it gets developed it is almost always itchy. Affected areas usually appear very dry, thickened and scaly. The real cause of eczema is unknown but it is assumed that eczema is an overactive response by our immune system to an irritant. There is no exact treatment available for eczema but we can manage it by keeping the skin moist. One should only use high-quality moisturisers to maintain and manage eczema. The best way to manage healthy skin condition is to maintain a balanced diet along with avoiding skin irritants. Also, use of right skin care products helps you stay healthy and stress-free during the winter season. Biotic Healthcare offers a wide range of skin care products which contains Creams, Lotions, Soaps, Anti-Dandruff agents, mild corticosteroids to help you resolve acute skin problems. We are continuously adding new distributors throughout nation for our pcd pharma franchise with monopoly rights. If you are interested in becoming a part of this ever-growing industry, then call us at 1800-103-7525 or drop an email at The professional team at Biotic Healthcare is very hard-working, effective and efficient, although they work 24/7 to ensure that the drugs are being sold on the market are appropriate for the use and satisfying the needs of the common people. Our Derma Care Range gives an opportunity for startups to enjoy the top level of pharma products along with their high quality and easy supply of those products. Biotic Healthcare brings you a complete range of derma products which contains creams, lotions, ointments, soaps, anti-dandruff shampoo, any acne gel and many more for an upcoming winter season. Call +91-8727992500, 0172-4052828.
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