Counterfeit-Drugs Kill More Indians Each Year than Terrorism

December 13 , 2018

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Counterfeit-Drugs Kill More Indians Each Year than Terrorism

Counterfeit medicines predominate Indians throughout the years. According to the Pharmaceutical Security Institute studies, the residents of India are at greater risk because fake drugs are flourishing Biz in India.

Today, fake medicines pose life-threatening risks. As, they are filled with uncommon contaminants or insufficient amounts of the active ingredient which simply cause overdose or no relevant ingredient at all.

“UK, India, and China are the world’s 3 largest countries with the fake or counterfeit drugs” stated by US-based Non-Profit Organisation and according to the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM), “Fake and Counterfeit Drugs In India –Booming Biz. If the fake market will continually grow at the ongoing rate of 25 percent, then it will definitely cross US$ 10 billion by 2017.”

Unfortunately, fake medicines in India are as widespread as they are nasty. It is estimated that 25% of drugs are fake, substandard or counterfeit, which causes the deaths of nearly 1 million people a year and is still contributing to rising in drug resistance. Counterfeit practices were mostly found to be available as popular drugs like Crocin, Betadine, Calcium Injections, Voveran, Cosavil syrup and much more.

Counterfeit drugs are widely sold to consumers at lower prices on the internet, so to fight against fraudsters, below we have mentioned a few simple steps for patients to avoid purchasing Counterfeit-Drugs. Printed barcodes and scratch-off stickers, created barcoding technology, which helps users to check or verify the authenticity of medicine they obtained.

Consider the following steps:

Step-1: Look for the authentication code on the medicine package Step-2: Enter the “Authentication Code” and the “Word Verification” below Step-3: “Verify” the authenticity of your medicine Within seconds you will get a response that your purchased drug is authentic or suspected/expired. For more detail, click on the following URL:

Hope you find this article useful. Just go ahead and take some simple precautions to steer clear of the growing counterfeit or fake medicines market.

Biotic Healthcare (ISO 9001-2008 Certified Pharmaceutical Company) believes this blog helps in fighting against Drugs Counterfeit in India and save the number of human lives.

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