New Extended Drug Imports Deadline on Shelf-Life by DCGI

October 01 , 2021

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New Extended Drug Imports Deadline on Shelf-Life by DCGI

New Extended Drug Imports Deadline on Shelf-Life by DCGI – Have you heard about the new extended deadline imposed by DCGI for Drug imports? If not then, have a look below. DCGI is also known as Drug Controller General of India has recently extended the time frame for the imports of Drugs that possesses less than 60 percent residual shelf-life by 6 months. Earlier the deadline was extended by CDSCO till October 31st, 2021. But now as per the sources, this dealing is extended for 6 months till the 30th of April.

Are we aware of the major concern related to drugs or medicines? It’s their “Shelf-Life”. But who is the concerned person or body for better shelf-life, long expiration durations of the products in India? No, it’s not the manufacturer or supplier. It’s the individuals who construct and formulate the drugs.

Why Drug Import Deadline is Extended?

You might recall the time when DCGI has taken a series of serious steps to maintain and control the importation and clearance of the drug. With the quest to make sure to maintain consistent and regular medicine supply and availability of drugs amid humanity biggest life threat “Covid-19” outbreak, the DCGI has decided to extend the date of importing drugs with a residual shelf-life of less than 60% till April 30th.

The pandemic has imposed several challenges when it comes to drug availability and supply chain. The covid-19 outbreak has impacted the drug supply chain and delay the supply of imported healthcare products and drugs. As a result, drugs are taking longer duration in clearances at ports and losing their shelf-life.

India is a place where medicine is heavily consumed on daily basis. The importance of having a regular drug supply is high especially in a country like India. The Indian community cannot afford any shortage or delay in the drug supply.

So, taking rigorous note of this, on 13th September 2021, the Central Drugs Standards Control Organization (CDSCO) published a notification regarding the deadline extension for drugs importation. This decision is in continuation of the previous circulars imposed in April, July, and December 2021.

How this Information was Shared?

Sharing this information with the members, Pharmexcil (Pharmaceuticals Export Promotion Council of India about the New Extended Drug Imports Deadline on Shelf-Life by DCGI, said that the last date for the importation of drugs with below 60 percent residual shelf-life is extended till 30th April.

Under the Indian Drugs and Cosmetics Act issued in the year 1945, the importation of drugs possessing less than 60% shelf-life should not be allowed permission for licensing. However, in exceptional scenarios and if granted by the regulatory authority, the drug with less shelf-life can be imported.

Who is DCGI?

The extension by DCGI is the current hot buzz in the pharmaceutical sector. The New Extended Drug Imports Deadline on Shelf-Life by DCGI is extended till April 30th. But the question arises who is DCGI? Well, DCGI is the Drug Controller General of India. It is the H.O.D of the CDSCO a.k.a Central Drugs Standards Control Organization. It is a governmental body that is liable for license approval of drugs or medicines belongs to a specified category like vaccines, blood products, etc. in India.

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