How Pharmacy Students Can Benefit with PCD Franchise?

November 25 , 2022

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How Pharmacy Students Can Benefit with PCD Franchise?

Pharmacy has proven its worth in the past few years.  From producing life-saving drugs to generating immense career opportunities, it has become one of the most established sectors globally. The youth of any country are the real assets and hence pharmacy has opened up new doors for them to explore the abundant career opportunities associated with Pharma ventures.

PCD stands for propaganda cum distribution and is a franchise business. The PCD company provides its range of products to the distributor who further sells it in the trade market. A complete set of rules and regulations is set by the company which the distributor has to abide by. They are formulated in a way that both the company and distributor get mutual benefits and liberties. 

The following points will highlight the advantages of choosing the PCD franchise as a career option for pharmacy students.

Minimum Investment Required

A major issue faced by most pharmacy students is the lack of a huge investment. One of the most exclusive benefits of indulging in a PCD pharma business is the less cost of investment needed. One can give a kick start to this type of business with a mere investment of 40 to 50 thousand. 

Power to Work Autonomously 

In a PCD business, there is no boss keeping an eye on you all the time. You can develop your own business strategies and run this business the way you want. The action plan will be defined by you and no one has the right to challenge it. The company’s target is to achieve profitable sales which you will have to ensure on a weekly or monthly basis.

Decreased Competition and Conflicts.

The PCD company provides exclusive monopoly rights to the trader. Under these rights, the trader has complete access to sell the company’s products making him the primary seller in a locality. This is done to ensure low levels of competition in the same area. Also, it provides the substantial chance for the distributor to grow and expand his business.

 Promotional Support by the Company

The company ensures various steps to promote its name and products. This is done in various ways like providing bags or tools that promote the company’s name or putting up social media ads. The company’s aim is to create awareness amongst people regarding the company’s name and products. It also helps in boosting sales and profits for both the PCD company and the distributor.

Slim Chance of Risks

 Most people fear starting a business due to the risks and complexities involved. But in a PCD pharma Franchise business, the risk is relatively low due to the small amount of investment. Additional benefits like guaranteed monopoly rights prevent high competition which in turn decreases the risks of high losses.

High-Profit Margins 

Most of the PCD pharma companies provide high-profit margins to the distributor. Profit margin is the difference between the purchasing price from the company and selling it to the consumers. These margins may vary from company to company but are generally 20-40 percent.


The above-listed points are sufficient to tell how pharmacy students can benefit with PCD Franchise. It not only provides a chance to work independently but also ensures that both the company and distributor share mutual benefits. With consistency and hard work, one can take this low-investment business to a flourished and highly profitable one.

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