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NEUROBIM-PG Capsules – A Combination of Pregabalin & Methylcobalamin

Biotic Healthcare offers NEUROBIM-PG capsules consisting of two ingredients Pregabalin & Methylcobalamin. This combination of medication is used to treat chronic pain-related disorders such as spinal cord injury-related neuropathic pain, chronic pain, perioperative pain, fibromyalgia, migraine, and peripheral neuropathy.

This combination is mainly effective in enhancing energy, memory & learning by encouraging nervous & immune systems, promoting cardiovascular health and directing homocysteine plasma levels.

Pregabalin ingredient is an anticonvulsant medication which possesses analgesic properties and helps in reducing the neuropathy-related pain symptoms. However, Methylcobalamin is a kind of vitamin B12 which is essential for the human body for healthy growth & nourishment of immune, circulatory and nervous system.

NEUROBIM-PG capsule is mainly effective in enhancing immune system function, boosting energy, promoting a healthy cardiovascular system and also supporting brain & nerve functions. The capsules should be taken before in taking food. In a case of pregnancy or planning to conceive a baby, we recommend you to consult your physician before taking these capsules. It is also recommended to keep NEUROBIM-PG capsules at room temperature. This medication doesn’t bear moisture so keep it away from moisture.